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Interview "How to Celebrate Winter Solstice" with Author Debra Lynn Dadd

"I cannot tell you how charming this book is. It's just a delight and the illustrations are stunningly beautiful. It's just such a peaceful book and it feels like it does on Winter Solstice." - Debra Lynn Dodd  So fortunate to have been a guest for this online radio show. Debra's generous and informative site inspired me while researching the Winter Solstice and its duration of sunlight this time of year. We share why we both love the Winter Solstice and a bit about my book. Listen to the online radio interview here:

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Bargain EBook Price $2.99 until December 14th

Yeah! "How to Celebrate Winter Solstice" Ebook is featured on! A website that offers  ebook bargains. This ebook is regularly $4.99 but now it's only $2.99 until December 14th.  scroll all the way to the bottom (children's middle grade) Get a copy soon, Winter Solstice is right around the corner!

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Why Celebrate Winter Solstice; This is the 21st century?

Illustration by Teresa Villegas From the book "How to Celebrate Winter Solstice" Text in the green says: "Did you know that the word “silent” has the same letters as “listen”? In ancient times people lived closer to the land and had a strong sense of relationship with their terrestrial and celestial environment. Therefore, this was the focus of their celebrations. Each person felt a heightened connection with the natural world and an awe with the cyclical pattern of life. In short, the Winter Solstice was the community's way of re-centering itself with nature. At the heart of the ancient Solstice celebrations was an acknowledgment of the predictable patterns of life while recognizing the progression of time within an individual's milestones. For the...

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