Books Handmade Accordion Fold

Product Description

Artist Teresa Villegas's first series of publicly offered handmade accordion fold/concertina books. They fold out to celebrate the Sun and life's lessons as parables from around the world to remind us how short and precious our lives really are. All the accordion books stretch out to 30.75" long, printed on one side with a folded cover to keep it nice and tidy when not displayed. Folded they measure 4" x 5.25" x .50" spine. These works are influenced by the ancient Mayan codices and the artisan handmade books of letterpress printers to the contemporary non-purist artmaking "zines." They can be read as a book, displayed on a mantelpiece or framed as a print. 

Published by Heart and Mind Press, LLC, printed in the US 100% archival rag paper, archival inks with a secure one-stitch satin ribbon attached for tying it all together. (comes with a gift box, signed by the artist) Open up and enjoy the tactile touch of the heavyweighted slightly textured rag paper, the intimate visual delight along with the words of wisdom to inspire and please both the heart and the mind. An exquisite little art book for gift giving to yourself or another loved one.

Weight: 2 oz. (with gift box: 4oz)
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