We Wish for You

This is the end of the year, 2016. Cuddle up cozy with your loved ones and always appreciate what you have right now. Your family (hard-won via infertility and IVF challenges, a multiple-birth for some of us) and partnerships with all who helped to make it happen, is proof that dreams do come true. 

We wish you peace.

We wish you joy.

We wish you kindness.

We wish you ease and self-love.

We wish you presence wherever you are. We wish you awareness of the growth you have made in your parenting skills, and the moment to moment connections you will make in the days, weeks, and months to come with the people you love most in your life, and compassion for those who you haven't met yet.

We also wish for you amazing beautiful experiences and adventures that are coming your way. Trust it, and follow your heart.

Much Love,

Teresa and Bernard Villegas MD


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